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2in1 Facial Steamer LED 5X Magnifying Floor Lamp Machine Multifunction Spa Professional Humidifier Beauty Facial Clean Skin Care Tool (White)
  • FACIAL STEAMER HOT STEAM BENEFITS THEORY: advanced miniaturized positive thermal coefficient (PTC) ceramic heating element to vaporize clean water and produce a visibly strong steam instantly, steam helps make skin moisturized,steam helps deeply clean the skin,soften the cuticle, open & unclogs pores and improve the nutritional absorbency, restore smooth, delicate skin,better cirulation can improvement of puffy eyes, tightening and toning of sagging skin,It accelerates skin metabolism
  • OPERATE CONVENIENT TO: rotatable hot steam outlet,cup removable,the adjustable neck pivots in any direction where you need it to be,heat up quickly,height adjustable and can be move around the salon with wheels,360 degree rotated nozzle, you can conveniently moisturize your face, neck, shoulder, arm,back, legs when you are sitting or lying
  • ADVANCED NANOTECHNOLOGY: adequately used in cool mist facial steamer,numerous nanometer-size particles, which absorbs tiny dust particles and bacteria from skin surface,nano ion permeates deeply into the skin to moisturize quickly, ozone can help improve your skin,it makes use of ozone steam to moisten your skin texture,and effectively supplement moisture, just gently pat the skin to speed up absorption
  • LED LIGHT WITH 5 TIMES THE MAGNIFYING LENS: the use of a magnifying lamp is mainly for the ability of the therapist to evaluate and examine client's skin properly,magnification to bring hard-to-see smaller details back into clear, sharp focus while making colors more distinguishable,provides even, smooth brightness without glare,the soft light of the LED light will not hurt your eyes,a good beauty care skin tattoo and lash extension tool
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED WARRANTY: we stands behind our products 100%. All of our Facial Steamer Machine come with a full 3-year warranty. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us because our industry-leading commitment to you will make things right! We lights the way to customer satisfaction while focusing on creating innovative yet affordable facial steamer
ZJchao Professional Home Oral Dental Hygeine Care Cleaning Tool Kits with LED Light - Dental Mirror + Plaque Remove + Tooth Stain Eraser Set 3 Pcs
  • 100% Brand New & High Quality
  • Keep your teeth dean between visits to your dentist
  • IC regulator for energy saving for 10 hours working.See immediate results, safe and effective.
  • It's for personal use, can only clean with water, not suitable for high temeperature or ethyl alcohol disinfection.
  • Home Oral Dental Hygeine LED Professional Cleaning Tool Kits - Dental Mirror + Plaque Remove + Tooth Stain Eraser 3 Pcs/set
Eyeshadow Shields, 20 Pcs Eye Pads for Eyelash Extensions Perming Tint Non-Woven Cloth Eye Protection Professional Eye Eyelash Makeup Bases Application Protector Shield (L 8.4*5cm)
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: made of high quality non-woven cloth which is soft, non-toxic, odorless, non-irritation, antibacterial,environmental-friendly,It is very comfortable to use,protects under eye area from eye shadow fallout.
  • MADE EXCLUSIVELY FOR EYE BEAUTY PROCEDURES: prevent messy mascara smudges,protects under eye area from eye shadow fallout,creates a straight edge for shadow.
  • MULTI-USE: protects under eye and lip from makeup residue! Also can be used according to your needs,also can use for eyelash individual lash extension,eyelash perming, eyelash tinting.
  • HUMANIZED DESIGN: the moon shaped shield fits for ergonomics which is super suitable for applying eye makeup to catch any and all excess product that falls! When done,gently remove shield,and is your ideal assistant.
  • FEATURES: self adhesive, disposable, convenient, breathable, time-saving secret weapon.
Waxing Sticks, 100Pcs/Bag ZJchao Wood Sticks Spatula Applicator Wooden Spatula Disposable Medical Tongue Depressor
  • Natural wood material is safe, non-toxic and clean without irritation
  • 1.8cm width with smooth finish can cover large skin areas in less time flawlessly, which can save your time greatly
  • 15cm length is enough to meet your needs, which can remove hair on multiple areas of the body during waxing
  • Disposable for single use only, which can avoid cross infection, decrease the transmission of disease and reduce disinfection processes for hospital
  • Suitable for home or professional use
Gel Toe Separators & Toe Correctors for Dancers,Yogis & Athletes,Treatment for Bunions Relief,Hammer Toe,Hallux Valgus
  • Toe Separator's Material: medical-grade silicone gel, which is durable, soft and safe. Even the sensitive skin are fits. Compared to other toe separators in the market, it could be worn in shoes. You could walk out with it in shoes.
  • Toe Separator's Size: It's one size stretches to fit most feet; Wear this to relieve foot pain after being on your feet all day & to improve toe alignment after wearing cramped shoes. Improve post-workout recovery & upgrade your pedicures. This bunion pads designs the different thickness of the spacers to separate different toes. They can be wear at night, while watching TV, practicing yoga, reading, and even in shoes with a large toe box for running.
  • Toe Separator's Design: The curved design conforms to the physiological structure of the foot. According to the growth curve of the body's feet to build a reasonable to carry out the sub toe to prevent overlap, and then the orderly arrangement of correction. Avoid extrusion, promote blood circulation. The five holes design is easier to put on & fits better than others.
  • Bunion pads Features: Different thickness of the gel pads made there are 2 ways to wear. ---Put the thicker area of gel up and the thinner area of gel down, put your toes into the hoes,to separate and protect five toes at the same time.---Put the thinner area of gel up and the thicker area of gel down, put your toes into the hoes,to separate and protect five toes at the same time.
  • Toe Straightener's Benefit: Improve and relieve toe overlap/toe drift/hammer toes/bunion/blister/other foot problems/align and straighten toes with gentle pressure/Instantly relieve pain of bunion.
Blackhead Extractor, Pore Cleanser Comedone Acne removal ZJchao USB Electronic Vacuum Extraction, Suction Facial Skin Peeling Machine Cleaner, Dead Skin Removal Tool (Gold)
  • Application-----Vacuum extraction blackhead extractor can be used all skins.  You can use it for removing blackheads, improve Coarse pore, rough skin, dark skin, exfoliate dead skin and pore of skin, dirt nose and Firm even Improve skin elasticity.
  • Design-----4 different size vacuum treatment heads covers a greater range of treatments. 5 levels speed adjustable suction makes it suitable for different skin. no side effect, Make your skin more smooth and younger.
  • Advantage-----USB electronic facial pore cleanser. Rechargeable, easy to control and portable. Professional waterproof design, easy to clean mouth head.To restore the skin without leaving a trace, the skin will be smooth and delicate.
  • Use-----It will be better to use it once two week, twice one month. With a head of microcrystalline exfoliating function, dry skin use once a week, mixed oily skin can use 2 times a week, it is recommended to use 5 minutes. And use it regularly can improve your skin texture, brighten your skin color, boost the metabolism and regeneration
  • Effect-----This blackhead removal tool will make your skin Smooth, clean, tighten. Use to prevent future dirt build up and break out of spots. Minimise the appearance of large pores, blackhead and whiteheads, acne and greasy skin.  effectively to suck out the nose blackhead and acne. Prevent suction damage to the skin, rich in a variety of vitamins and protein, to bring the skin nutrients when needed.
Make Up Mirror, 18 LED Illuminated Mirror 10 x Magnifying Mirror Dimmable with 90 Degree Rotation, USB Cable Light Up Mirror By ZJchao
  • 3 Led Light Modes: Integrated cold light and warm light, gives you bright and comfortable light with 3 modes for different applications. Warm & cool mode, cool mode or warm mode. Adjustable brightness is perfect for home and office use, daytime and evening use.
  • Power Buttons: 2 power buttons, the on/off push button can help you to cut the power quickly and prevent electricity drops. the touchable power button will be more convienient for you to control the light. The light has no harm to your eyes, and you can easily set a mode as you like.
  • A Separate 10x Magnification Magnetic Mirror: With high definition, every detail of your face can be magnified without any image distortion, it illuminates your face evenly and leaves no shadows, easy to you to make delicate makeup. With this light up mirror, everything will be in your view.
  • How to Use: Quadruple mirror has wider imaging angle and range, and can also be 90 ° rotation. Powered by battery or usb direct. Kickstand with a hanging hole can be hung on the wall or just stand on dresser elegantly.
  • For Men and Women: Lightweight design makes the make up mirror portable for travel, can be used for shaving, brushing, flossing, peeling, makeup and more. Suitable for every women and men. A must product for your bedroom/bathroom.
ZJchao 32Pcs Collagen Tablets Effervescent Mask, Natural Fruit Vegetable Facial Care Mask Machine Maker Supporting Special Use Mask With FDA-Certified
  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration) APPROVED: made of healthy ingredients, safe and assured to use
  • COLLAGEN: the basic need for women, which helps whiten the skin, keep the skin elasticity. prevent cell oxidation and slowing aging for keeping young and beautiful
  • EASILY ABSORBED: this set is the collagen which used for face mask making combining with the juice of the fruit and vegetable, or tea, milk, soybean milk, honey, beer and red wine, essential oils, herbs, flowers, eggs, etc
  • SKIN RENEWAL CYCLE IS 28 DAYS: 4 packs in the box, total of 32pcs, this will maintain use about a month
  • DIY VARIOUS KINDS OF FACIAL MASK: cooperating with the fruit vegetable facial care mask machine and enjoy the face mask everyday,You can buy zjchao stores skin care mask machine
6 Modes LED Therapy Beauty Machine Mesotherapy Massage Device,ION Photon Skin Care for Body and Face,Anti Wrinkle Anti-aging Acne Skin Tightening for Skin Rejuvenation Daily Facial Care,Good Gift for Mum,Salon & Personal Use,Portable with USB Rechargeable
  • Ultrasonic Device with ION - / + and Photon Function is a multi-function cosmetic instrument that combines three large-scale cosmetic tools: LED skin care, BIO micro-current treatment and ultrasound beauty device.
  • Mesotherapy is a modern technique that allows the active agents to penetrate deep into the skin without a needle.
  • Electric muscle stimulation gently stimulates muscle contractions and thus forces the facial muscles to work.
  • High-frequency bio-currents have an effect on the skin, muscles, lymphatics and blood vessels, which can lead to a muscle build-up and a constant lifting effect.
  • Four high-quality conductive metal head, suitable for all skin types and not causing any damage to the skin. The effect on the facial skin strengthens the molecular resonance of the skin cells, stimulates the blood circulation and the metabolism. It can exert the beauty essence on the skin deep, promote collagen reformation and the blood circulation, improve the fine lines and wrinkles.
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