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Weisy Jelly Flower Lipstick Lip Care Magic Color Changing with Temperature Long Lasting Moisturizer Lip Balm
  • Clear jelly lipstick each one with a small dry flower inside
  • Once it is applied to the lips, the clear jelly lipstick turns into a lovely pink luster
  • Magical Color Change: The color may change depending on your body temperature.
  • Natural Ingredients make a pleasant smell, safe and harmless
  • Package: Only 1 lipstick
Weisy Women Metallic Matte Lip Highlight Liquid Lipstick Waterproof Lang Lasting Lip Gloss
  • Do not stick on the cup: the healthy recipe locks the color, reducing the embarrassment due to eating or drinking
  • Feature: innovative metal pearlescent formula makes the color strong and full
  • Full color:12 colors optional, you could choose one that fits you best
  • Lang lasting: with wisdom isolated color locking process, without makeup meltdown in 12 hours
  • Net content: 5g
Weisy Halloween Makeup - 3 Colors Fool-All Vampire Style Liquid Lipstick Set Long Lasting Waterproof Lip Gloss Kit
  • Features: waterproofing, long lasting, non-stick cup
  • Kit 1: black, green and gray are the common colors of ghosts, often accompanied by the atmosphere of terror
  • Kit 2: a combination of light blue, dark blue and deep purple that makes you look like a mysterious witch
  • Kit 3: yellow, red, black, the color of Halloween, you can match your lips and pumpkin perfectly!
  • Kit 4: dark, light black and bloody, it's time to dress up as a vampire who's been interrupted to eat!
Weisy 26 Colors Matte Velvet Liquid Lipstick Waterproof No Fading Lip Gloss Dark Color for Party Makeup
  • Matte Lip Tint Lipgloss Waterproof Transparent Lip Makeup Lip Gloss
  • Matte material, to enclose lip gross finely simple but lavishly
  • matte lip gloss, easy to daub charming lips, it is long lasting and colors is full and vivid
  • Package include: 1 pcs matte velvet Lip Gloss Kit
  • Fulfill lips by lipliner lightl, fuse the lipbalm naturally when color lips
Weisy Blueberry Essence Anti Wrinkle Whitening Collagen Moisturizing Liquid
  • Efficacy: anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, compact skin, brighten the complexion
  • Conditioning skin, delicate skin tight, maintain skin moisture balance
  • Improve skin roughness caused by lack of moisture dryness, improve skin hydration
  • Restores skin elasticity, leaving skin rosy glow glossy, supple meticulous charming glory
  • Contains blueberry extract, let skin to absorb moisture and nutrition
Weisy Waterproof Liquid Lipstick Long Lasting Velvet Lip Gloss Matte Set 15 Colors
  • Benefit: Waterproof/Water-Resistant
  • Effect: Matte, Velvet, Long Lasting, Waterproof
  • Color: 15 colors for choice
  • Packages Included: 1 Set x Liquid Lipstick
  • Lips will be a bit dry in the winter, so please use of it with lip balm. Thanks!
Weisy Moisturizing Skin Fixer Aloe Vera Gel Remove Acne & Weaken Scars Face Cream 50g
  • Ingredients: aloe essence, amino acid, vitamin, organic acid and other natural ingredients
  • Suitable for skin: any skin can use it. also can be used as a sleeping mask, eye mask and body care cream
  • Moisturizing: aloe is rich in moisturizing factor. It contains six times the moisture content of regular face cream, and can replenish water and nutrition
  • Skin care: aloe's unique polysaccharide and slime help form a strong protective film, sealing off moisture and nutrients and protecting the skin
  • Dispel acne: help to restrain pores, promote skin inflammation, relieve acne problems. At the same time repair damaged skin, and reduce acne marks and scars
Weisy Shining Reflective Metallic Mirror Nail Polish Magic 17 Colors Polish for Nail Art
  • Mirror effect, perfect reflection
  • 17 metallic colors for your random selection
  • Maintain color for a long time without worrying about decolouring
  • When using, brush one layer first, then brush another layer after drying. 2 layers are suggested
  • Mirror nail oil contains steel beads, which must be shaken well before using
Weisy 6 Colors Wine Bottle Lip Gloss Long Lasting Waterproof Matte Liquid Lipstick Set
  • Type: Velvet Liquid Lipstick Lip Gloss Set
  • Features: Long Lasting/Waterproof/ Water-Resistant
  • Package Included: 1 Set x 6pcs/set lip gloss
  • Note1: It's better to use the lip balm or based lip items before putting it on your lip.
  • Note2: It will looks a little darker if you use lip brush than your hands. so Lip brush is strongly recommended.
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