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Makeup Eyes Pencil Long wear Black Gel Eye Liner Stickers Eyeliner Waterproof Eyeshadow tool Comestics (Eyeshadow, B)
  • Brand New & High quality.
  • Portable size, easy to carry.
  • Suitable for professional use or home use.
  • Effect: Moisturizer,waterproof, long lasting
  • Net Weight: 26g (Color: Black)
2Sheet(20PCS) Temporary Black Thin Waterproof Paper Eyeshadow Eyeliner Double-Fold Eyelid sticker Stickers With Self-Adhesive for Home And Party
  • Package include:1sheet =5pairs(10pcs) temporary tattoos :2sheet=10pair(20pcs)
  • Eye shadow sticker upper part is creamy white, the lower part is black, let makeup more natural and beauty
  • Stick-on eye designs can be cut and customized to fit your eyes, so you can easily achieve the perfect look!
  • Our temporary makeup is applied quickly, and easily, simply by adding water to the paper backing. Your eye designs will appear in 30 seconds!
  • Our Temporary eye tattoos are a great choice for Halloween, masquerade balls, cosplay, festivals, concerts, or any type of costume. They can even be worn out on the town for a fun, creative look during the day, or a trendy look for the club!
ROSENICE Tattoo Eyeliner Temporary Eye Eyeliner Eyeshadow Sticker,80 Pairs
  • Color: Black. Material: Plastic.
  • Each size: Approx. 98 x 62mm / 3.86 x 2.44 inch.
  • Each eyeliner sticker: Approx. 42 x 4mm / 1.65 x 0.16 inch.
  • As a result of its application, you will have stunning black eyeliner.
  • They will give you the confidence of perfect black eyeliner every time.
IGEMY Beauty Smokey Shaper Makeup Tool Eye Shadow Template Eyeliner Stencil Model (Red)
  • Eyeliner cards, not about sides, is only one side, the need equilateral unfinished, in turn, draw the other side
  • Eyeliner card is mainly to facilitate eyeliner to draw a rough, but each person's face, the width and length can be adjusted appropriately according to their needs
  • Material soft plastic, so as to perfectly fit each person's skin, easy to draw eyeliner shape
  • Material: silica gel , Size:6.5 x 4.2cm/2.56 x 1.65", Eyeliner card material is environmentally friendly materials, can be reused
  • The most important point, it is important to use techniques, originally facilitate the novice to use, suggest that you use a few times, but not a bad one to deny Videos
Stick-on Makeup Organizer Empty Mermaid Fish Scales Gradient Color, Metal DIY Makeup Case by UmayBeauty
  • The case color is gradient coloring changing, very beautiful
  • The mermaid fish scales design of the case make it more unique and beautiful.
  • You can DIY makeup pallete you want with this case, the metal DIY replacement makeup case will stick on it
  • This case will There are 2 shapes of the case, one is aquare and the other is rectangle.
  • You will love this makeup maker case.
ROMANTIC BEAR 20 Colors/A Set of 6 colors Skull Metallic Luster Long Lasting Matte Lip Liquid Not Stick On Cup Lip Gloss
  • Item type:liquid matte lip gloss lipstick.Multi-colours to be select,there is always one fit for you. You are special and beautiful.Give yourself a makeover with this Lipstick. This Identity Sheer lipstick gives your lips a full, sensuous look ready to seduce anyone.
  • Features: Long Lasting / Waterproof/Not stick on cup/Water-Resistant,Not stick cup, do not fade, matte matte dry only lightly purse one's lips;Effect: Matte.It is not blooming, not dry, maintain comfort all day,lip gloss spread to the outside of the mouth.
  • Note:Long Lasting Waterproof; It's Better To Use The Lip Balm Or Based Lip Items Before Putting It On Your Lip; Don't Compress Lips After Applied The Gloss, Or It Will Be Sticky.
  • Use:It Will Have Good Effect If You Apply A Very Thin Layer; It Will Looks A Little Darker If You Use Lip Brush Than Your Hands, So Lip Brush Is Strongly Recommended.Please Use Professional Makeup Remover Oil To Clean Them Off From Lips.
  • Colors:20 color to choose,you can choose what's you like.It will make you charm and attractive.You can chooice a set or one piece.
Eyeshadow Glitter,Woopower Single Roller Color Eyeshadow Glitter Pigment Powder Eye Shadow Makeup Cosmetics(3 # )
  • ★ Single roller color eyeshadow is easy and convenient to smear and carry.
  • ★ Glitter, shimmer and Long lasting eyeshadow , easy to match your look.
  • ★ Pigment which are easily stick on your eye areas to create charming and long lasting makeup.
  • ★ Easy to Wear and waterproof eyeshadow make you look more natural and attractive.
  • ★ Suitable for personal casual and party makeup, professional for wedding makeup, etc.
JACKY Lipstick Makeup Lips Metallic Lip Gloss (B)
  • Matte moisturizing lasting non-marking
  • Features:Long lasting,It's Waterproof, and would Not stick on Cup
  • Not stick cup,do not fade,matte matte dry only lightly purse one's lips,otherwise it will stick,painted lip gloss finish is dry because is fog surface velvet effect
  • What's in the box:1x FOCALLURE Metallic Lip Gloss
  • Note:the picture shown is a representation of the item,you'll receive from the available lot. Picture may appear larger on your screen.Color may vary slightly due to the color setting of each individual monitor.
Lipstick, Fuibo Shimmer Gold Lipstick Pigment Metallic Lip Gloss Long Lasting Eyeshadow (Watermelon Red)
  • long lasting.
  • Wonderful gift for yourself or special someone!
  • You can also use it as eyeshadow.
  • Create mermaid water embellish, presents vivid lip color, natural and comfortable without oily feeling
  • Attention: There may also be slight color variation due to camera and monitor
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