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Bourjois UNE Glimmer Lip Gloss - G01
  • Bourjois UNE Glimmer Lip Gloss
  • Fantastic Shimmer Effect Lip Gloss, Sheer and light moisturising care formula that embellishes lips with subtle shimmering effects for enhanced shine and glow
  • Hypoallergenic that is formulated to Minimise allergy Risks. 100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin.
ROMANTIC BEAR Concealer 6 Colors Foundation Palette+Highlight Stick
  • A besmear gently, can cover up fleck,dark heavy skin,pore bulky etc.Shape the transparent skin,and the powdery bottom smooth easy to push,close to the skin,resistance sweat sebum secretion effect is very good,to keep lasting beauty makeup look
  • It contains whitening and moisturizing repair composition,protects skin from uv rays and environmental violations
  • Cosmetics Makeup,Concealer,Foundation,Greasepaint,Perfect for Professional Salon, Wedding, Party and Home use
  • Product Features:Block defect whitening, lasting moisture, water tender containment, increase the luster
  • Package includes:1Pcs Concealer Palette+1Pcs Highlight stick
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