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L'Action Paris Bye Bye Grey Hair | Semi Permanent Touch Up | Light Brown
L'Action Paris Hair Cover Stick Grey/Brown
L'Action Paris Retinol Lip Stick
  • This anti-ageing lip stick made using retinol (vitamin A) has been designed to hydrate and protect your lips
  • It makes the skin more elastic, hydrates the upper layers of skin and reduces the effects of ageing
  • A micro-encapsulation process means that the retinol is released slowly throughout the day and night, which protects the natural skin collagen.
L'Action Paris Lifting Eye Gel
L'Action Paris Eyelash Treatment
  • This transparent mascara contains vitamin B5 for strength and vitamin E for moisturising and lengthening your lashes. It extends eyelash structure and thickens the lashes on a daily basis.
  • Your eyelashes will remain silky and perfectly curly all day long
  • Can be used alone or as a base for mascara
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