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20 Gorgeous Colors Cool Eye Shadow Palette Set Pigment Cosmetic Makeup
  • 20 colors include comprehensive nudes eyeshadow, satisfy for use in diversified occasions and different styles of dressing.
  • An ultra superb array of cosmetics is provided here with comprehensive palette here,and with the all-round colorful options, it will realize the perfect fit to various occasions.
  • Practical colour scheme,from simple to delicate makeup effect,each eye shadow box combines flexiblely eye color such as deep,bright,essential colour and so on,let you can depend on your need or different situation to create all kinds of cosmetics.
  • Perfect for Professional salon, wedding, parites or banquet and home use
  • It is a good gift for your lover,family,friend and coworkers.
Hair Removal Hard Wax Beans Solid Depilatory Grain for Women Men,10.5oz/300g (Chamomile blue 10.7oz)
  • A Knack To GETS ALL OF THE HAIRS OUT--- It works on all hair types, including coarse, short hair. Figuring out which direction your hair grows, pull all of the hairs out, remove the hair in one go,and don't leave bits of wax behind.
  • EASY TO APPLY & REMOVE,Save Lots of Time---NO Strip NEEDED,NO Hair Removal Paper NEEDED,NO wax heater NEEDED.It is simple easy just to add hot boiled water or put in microwave for about 1 minute. Ready to use after it cool down.Just take a spatula to apply it to your body. After it dry then tear it off from your skin directly with no cellophane or non-woven strip needed!
  • Smell Lovely---it gave a nice scent and It is definitely recommended for those girls, who shaves often, and this will save a lot of time. Hair Removal Parts---arms, legs, face, armpit, sensitive areas. Suitable for hair removal on all parts of the body. Particularly effective on the bikini area.It leaves your skin very soft and smooth.
  • Save Money and TIME---It is significantly smoother on the skin than the traditional wax used at the salon with strips, what a time and money saver. This is the closest to the wax that professionals use.
  • Hair Removal Parts---arms, legs, face, armpit, sensitive areas. Suitable for hair removal on all parts of the body. Particularly effective on the bikini area.It leaves your skin very soft and smooth.
JGB 8 Colors Eyeshadow Makeup Palette Smoky Glitter Shimmer Matte Eye Shadow Set Long Lasting Cosmetic With Brush (4)
  • "1.Easy to wear,natural uniform color,joint connection with the skin,not easy to take off the makeup, stereo and durable makeup effect"
  • "2.Micro powder technology,fine and smooth powder,bright colors,strong tinting strength,make perfect combination with skin and color"
  • 3.Contains Shimmer molecules,stereo full makeup,lumimax can reflect light,reflects excellent color and texture
  • 4.Natural transition,distinct gradations,color superimposed layer by layer blooming,eyes stereoscopic moving
  • 5.And it is a good gift for your friends and family.
Sexy Moisturize Pretty Lip Gloss Waterproof Pigment Lip glaze 8colors Lipstick Makeup (7)
  • 1,Various colors--8 bright different pretty colors for you to choose and The different colors makes it not only perfect for any outfit but also can mix them to create a amazingly unique color you love.
  • 2,Go smooth and pigment,Long lasting--It glides on so soft and smooth and stays that way for hours.
    They are super creamy and smell amazing.
  • 3, Great shades and easy to apply--look they are pretty sticky on the lips and super matte. goes on easy and doesn't need a lot to work!
  • 4,Effect of matte velvet,your lips will be a little dry,if you want moisturizing,use a chap-stick before.
  • 5,Easy to be removed--easy to remove with lip cleansing oil.
Makeup Remover(2 Pack Pink,including A High Quality Glove and A Soft Cloth)with A Gourd Flawless Smooth Makeup Sponge Powder Puff
  • & Just add water to your facial cloth or use with a favorite cleanser to wipe away makeup, dirt and oil. Even waterproof mascara is removed in seconds.
    Avoid the harm from makeup remover products.
    Help you to save lots of time.Expecially when you are really tired from your work all day.
  • & NO CHEMICALS - They are made of 100% polyester and require no chemicals or oils - not even soap.
  • & REUSABLE - It's a 'green alternative' to makeup remover towelettes since these cloths is machine washable,reusable,healthy and skin care.
    In the long run you are saving yourself a ton of money on makeup remover items.
  • & Safe for Contact Lens wearers and use around delicate eye area.Additionally,it's a 'green alternative' to makeup remover towelettes.
  • & Wonderful gifts too for a young girl just starting out with makeup, for a gift exchange or just for your friends!
    Addtionally,there is also a gourd flawless smooth cosmetic powder makeup sponge power puff, color sent at random.
6 Colors Concealer Palette Hide Blemish Acne Makeup Contour Pallet Waterproof Highlighter Cream 3D Face Cosmetics Eyeshadow set,#3
  • Each palette has 6 popular colors for you to chose.
  • If you are looking for a amazing product which can be non-trace and grooming shape your face, you would not miss this one!It also can be priming makeup.Moist containment and breathable concealer palette improve your skin obviously!
  • It also can be priming makeup.Moist containment and breathable concealer palette improve your skin obviously!"
  • It is easy to carry this eye shadow in a travel case
  • And it is a good gift for your friends and family.
Black Eyelash enhancer Eyebrow Serum Advanced Eyelash Conditioner,Lash Booster,Longer,Thicker,6ml
  • Are you worring about the SHORT or SPARSE EYELASHES? THIN or OVER PLUCKED EYEBROWS?-----Our eyelash serum is specially formulated to accelerate the growth and enhance the fullness of eyelashes. With a potent blend of natural ingredients which strengthen, lengthen and thicken eyelashes, our eyelash serum delivers dramatic, eye fluttering results in just 6-8 weeks.
  • Function:Rather than conditioning the Lashes and Brows,Our eyelash serum stimulates blood flow whilst cleaning and clearing the follicles of blockages. More nutrients and oxygen get to the roots for amazing results.Roots must be drenched, but not dripping, in JGB eyeLash Force twice a day. Missing one application will hold up the process.
  • SIMPLE APPLICATION----in just seconds. Apply twice a day on clean skin just like liquid eyeliner to the base of the eyelashes and/or into the eyebrows. The eyelash serum has a clear, thin consistency that is totally unnoticeable. Perfectly safe for contact lens users and will not alter eye colour like some other brands.
  • AMAZING LASH GROWTH----Try it and you'll be amazed. In 4 weeks your Lashes will be thicker, darker, fuller and up to 2x longer by weeks 6-8. Lasts more than 3 months using twice per day.They will look defined and beautiful giving you a big-eyed look that is inspiring and hard to turn away from. You will make a different impact with eye contact! Consider buying two for uninterrupted usage.
  • AMAZING EYEBROW GROWTH----This product is also amazing if you want thicker and darker Brows, especially for whom have a bald spot and want to fill it back in with your own Natural Hair instead of having to pencil in specific gaps.Use our eyelash serum and you will see results in 4 weeks.
6 Color Shimmer Highlight Detachable Palette Powder Face Bronzer Highlighter Pans Pallet Glow Kit Makeup
  • 1,Six velvety powders that instantly cast alti-from within glow.Our Powder highlight Kit contains removable and refillable pans
  • 2,Complementing shades can be layered together to brighten cheekbones and decolletage,or worn separately over eyelids,browbones,and inner corners,results are flawlessly incandescent.
  • 3,Provides an even, flawless tone and helps thin down and soften the face, while also defining the cheekbones and jawline, narrowing the nose, creating fuller lips, lifting saggy eyes, minimizing large foreheads and enhancing the appearance of small eyes. Shades can also be used as a color corrector for skin discoloration and blemishes.
  • 4,This pallet puts everything you need to achieve the coveted highlight look in one palette.
  • 5,Great for everyday use or for special occasions. Each cream is highly pigmented with incredible payoff.
3 Colors Nude Face Foundation Liquid Cover Concealer Long Lasting Moisturizing Facial Base Makeup
  • NET WT:40g; Ingredient:Liquid Foundation
  • Benefit:Moisturizer,Oil-control,Waterproof / Water-Resistant,Pores,Brighten,Concealer,Natural,Nutritious
  • Concealer-A besmear gently, can cover up fleck,dark heavy skin,pore bulky etc.Shape the transparent skin.
  • Moisturizing-It contains whitening and moisturizing repair composition,protects skin from uv rays and environmental violations.
  • Close skin-Powdery bottom smooth easy to push,close to the skin,resistance sweat sebum secretion effect is very good,to keep lasting beauty makeup look.
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