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it cosmetics Naturally Pretty Vol.2 The Romantics!
  • Best-Selling Palette, now with 14 all new must-have Romantic Shades! The Romantics Naturally Pretty Matte Palette is the IT Cosmetics® breakthrough eye shadow formula in brand new, limited edition shades! These 14 luxe anti-aging silk-infused eye shadows are all matte, perfect for women of all ages. The Transforming Pearl is a completely unique shade, designed to be added to each of the matte shades creating a new pearlized color with a simple swipe of a brush!
  • Peaceful - soft matte taupe Hope - matte vanilla peach Sweetness - matte champagne pink Enchanting - matte dusty lilac Devotion - matte smoky plum Fate - matte muted marsala Embrace - matte rose taupe
  • Mystery - matte deep charcoal Adore - matte nude peach Tranquility - matte soft mint Desire - matte rose peach Romance - matte rose pink Trust - matte smoky slate Poetic - matte dusty gray Transforming Pearl
  • Utilizing cutting-edge technology, these anti-aging eyeshadows instantly diffuse the look of lines and wrinkles on your eyes and lids. Lush matte pigment glides over the lids and your eyes are treated to anti-aging ingredients, such as as hydrolyzed collagen, acai, green tea and Vitamins A, C, & E and free of all the ingredients that make eyes appear older such as talc. This palette features the "Transforming Pearl" that instantly creates a new pearlized color when you add over the matte color you love!
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