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G2PLUS 2PCS Loofah Glove Exfoliating Luffa Mitt Body Scrubber Organic Bath Sponge Showering Scrub Shower Puff for the Whole Family (Soap Pocket)
  • DONT SHARE YOUR LOOFAH SPONGE BATH. Buy These Packs Sponge for Your all family members.
  • PREMIUM LOOFAH MATERIAL The glove consists of a loofah side and a cotton side. The loofah part is 100% organic for maximum exfoliation benefits while the cotton part is padded with sponge to comfort your hands.
  • GREAT SIZE of them can clean your body more efficiently and better while reaching more area at a time.
  • DURABLE, COMFORTABLE AND AFFORDABLE. Soft enough for the face, rough enough for your body!
  • KEEP THEM DRY after shower or bath.
Eyelash Glue Holder 100PCS Disposable Plastic Glue Ring Nail Art Polish Holders Tattoo Individual False Eyelash Extension Adhesive Pigment Holders Beauty Tool (Small Size)
  • The best to use for holding glue, remover or lash primer during application of eyelash extensions and tattoo application
  • Easy to clean and reuse again and makes the eyelash application much easier
  • Product Size:13mm(outer diameter) size:11mm(inner diameter)
  • Simply put the ring on your less dominant hand& dispense a drop into the well
  • Ships from and sold by G2Plus; Package includes:100PCS disposable makeup glue rings caps
G2PLUS 3-Pack Bath Puff Soft Bath Lily Extra-Dense Shower Ball Loofah Sponge Body Exfoliate Pouf
Silicone Brush Cleaner 2 PCS Heart Shaped Brushegg Make Up Brushes Egg Little Scrubber 82mm * 74mm * 30mm (Brush Heart)
  • This brush heart is really easy-to-use and very good at cleaning, especially for a smaller brush collection.
  • It fits just over your fingers and is great for quickly rubbing off excess color.
  • It helps the brush return the origin. You should not worry about mixture, when you change colors.
  • The cleaner cleans brushes well and is easily cleaned after! Really gets the makeup out!
  • Durable quality silicone without chemical odors and a little thinner than the brushegg.
G2PLUS Little Travel Mirror Portable Folding Mirror Pocket Compact Mirror for Shaving Camping and Make Up Small Tabletop Glass 12.5 cm * 9.5 cm * 0.5 cm (Silver)
  • This little mirror is perfect for traveling, thin enough for cases but large enough for shaving and styling hair.
  • It's just the right size (about 5 x 4 inches) and light, smart and seems to be well constructed.
  • The folding cover is made of quality Aluminum, which is sturdy and will keep in shape for long.
  • As a travel mirror it is wholly washable and easy to be cleaned.
  • An essential for everyday use.
G2PLUS 12 Colors Eyeliner Waterproof Lip Liner Eye Shadows Eyebrow Pencils Cosmetic Pen Coloring Set Makeup Kit
  • High water resistance and anti-allergy feature, easy to hold and control
  • The delicate eyeliner/eye shadow pen/eyebrow pencil kit makes you more charming
  • With the eyeliner kit, your eyes can be bigger and brighter
  • Dry fast, and help you save your leisure time
  • The eyeliner kit is made of high quality materials and it would not hurt your eyes
200PCS Micro Applicators Brushes, Disposable Eyelash Extension Swabs for Eyelashes Extensions (Lila)
  • Material - These Micro Applicators Brushes are made of Plastic + fiber.
  • Size - The Head Diameter of these Eyelash Extension Swabs is 1.5 MM.
  • Safety - Disposable makeup tools, non-linting, clean and sanitary.
  • Useful - These Disposable Micro Applicators Brushes can be used to clean in small areas or "hard to get to places" on some equipment.
  • Multi-uses - These Disposable Eyelash Extension Swabs are great for eyelash extension removal, nail art, painting, crafting projects, etc.
G2PLUS Acrylic Gel Polish Clips 10 PCS Gel Polish Remover Perfect for Soaking Off Gel Nail Polish (Purple)
  • 10 PCS Purple Nail Art Soak Off Clip Remover Tool
  • The sizes are pretty good for average fingers
  • Just put your remover on Cotton balls and put the clip on to hold it.
  • The top part is a little longer than the bottom, leaving the ends of the fingers able to bend so they are not uncomfortable.
  • These acrylic gel polish clips can be used for professional salon or personal interest.
500PCS Nail Art Forms Sticker, Extension Guide Self-adhesive Tips for Acrylic UV Gel Nail Art (Rosa)
  • Package: 500PCS.
  • Suitable for professional use or personal use.
  • These Self-adhesive Tips are suitable for acrylic nail extension/uv gel nail extension.
  • These Nail Art Forms are perfect for finger care, woodworking, and salon usage desires.
  • There are length and numbers marked on each piece which can provide an accurate guide for you to make your pretty nails!
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