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Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint Blister Light Brown Blister
  • Cover that gray or enhance your eyebrow color for up to 6 weeks, eliminating the need for eyebrow makeup!
  • Not only very suitable for eyebrows, but also great for use on beards, mustaches and side burns.
  • Light Brown - Suitable for a subtle, natural looking enhancement of light blonde to light brown hair
  • Pre-mixed, pre-measured color capsules insure perfect results every time. Blended with pure white henna for rich and creamy consistency
  • Easy and quick to use - great results in less than 2 minutes
Julienne Eyelash and Eyebrow Permanent Light Brown 04 Colour Tint 15ml
  • Say Goodbye to daily mascara and smudged eyes - hello to one application every 6 weeks!
  • Creates definition and the appearance of longer, thicker lashes so that a natural look is achieved.
  • A permanent, water resistant dye.
  • Water resistant so is ideal for sports people or holiday makers, contact lens wearers and those with make-up sensitivities.
  • Professional results are achieved in 3 easy steps.
WUNDERBROW - Perfect Eyebrows in 2 Mins - Blonde
  • Long lasting - stays on until you decide to take it off
  • Transfer-proof - will no transfer onto your clothes
  • Budge-proof - will not smudge if you rub
  • Water-proof - shower, swim, workout, wunderbrow stays put
  • Hair fibers - fill in sparse areas for a natural look
Rimmel London Brow This Way Gel, Blonde, 5 ml
  • Defines, fills and fixes - style your brows into the perfect shape!
  • Precision mascara brush applicator
  • Easy, smooth application
  • Non-sticky, long-lasting formula that feels lightweight
  • Smudge- and fade-proof
Weicici Waterproof Semi-permanent Eyebrow Tint Anti-decolorization Magic Peel Off Eyebrow Gel 5 Colors
  • Waterproof, will not fade
  • 2 minutes to draw the perfect eyebrow shape, lasts for a few days
  • 5 colors to choose from: blonde, auburn, coffee, brown, dark black
  • Hair fiber composition with a specially treated pigment that adheres well to the skin and hair
  • Note: Requires makeup remover with oily ingredients to remove thoroughly
Intensive Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint Dye 14 Colours large 20ml= 30 uses Middle Blond
  • You get 1 Tube of 20ml Intensive Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint including an application stick as in the picture above and instructions leaflet. Developers and all other accessories are sold separate.
  • Instruction videos available on the Makki Cosmetics website
EYLURE Eye shadow eyebrows blond brow pomade
  • Brow Pomade is a creamy, long-lasting brow colour
  • provides colour, sculpting and shading for the brows
  • the pomade is also water and humidity-proof
Bourjois Natural Brow Pen Number 21, Blond
  • Eyebrow enhancing pen
  • Natural tint pen
  • Subtly shade and define
  • Smudge-free, 16hr hold
  • Available in 3 translucent shades
Refectocil Eyelash Eyebrow Tint Blonde Bleaching Paste
  • Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint No. Blonde Bleaching Paste.
  • Lightening of eyebrows up to 3 levels
  • Important instructions for use: Mix RefectoCil Bleaching paste No. 0 blond exclusively with RefectoCil Oxident 3% Creme (not liquid!). Mixing ratio: 20-25 drops RefectoCil 3% Creme with 2 cm bleaching paste. Application time: 5-20 minutes, depending on the blonding effect desired! CAUTION: Do not mix with other colours!
  • For long-lasting beauty!
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